Are Liberty Air 2 able to pair to multiple devices?

I would like to emphasise that I’m not trying to connect to multiple devices at the same time, I’m just trying to connect to my phone, then disconnect and only then connect to my laptop. However, it seems like my headphones are authorized on my phone through the app and they refuse to connect to any other device. I have tried to connect them to the same laptop on Windows and Ubuntu, as well as multiple different Androin phones, including the one I used together with my previous pair of Life Note 2’s. What should I do to get them working with the laptop?

Upd: yes I am doing exactly what the manual says about connecting another device, the earbuds still just refuse connections to anything other than my phone.

What happens if you delete the earbuds from the bt list of the phone
and try a connection with the laptop.
If this works you can try to connect them with the phone again.

Sometimes, they fail in connecting to additional devices with me as well. I’ve had to reset the buds and then use the pairing button and that seemed to fix the issue.