Are the Life Q30 water-resistant

Hello there,
I bought the Q30 and I am loving them.

My only question is, are they waterproof or -resistent?
Can I go jogging with my Q30 on while it’s raining, for example?

Thanks! :slight_smile:

I’ve never seen an IPX rating on them. I’d say a light rain would probably be OK, but not sure about a torrential downpour.

When in doubt, ask Support:

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I would agree that if it is a very light rain but I would not continue to wear them to a point where they would get soaked.

One reason is the earcup. I think you would get issues with the earcup cover eventually flaking off or if enough soaking then it would drip into the electronics through the ear covers as the ear cover is soft.

Similar for the mics on the Q30 as they could get wet to where it may mess he mics.

I will give you a little story in that my son had went to the bathroom and one of the earcups went into the water of the toilet (clean water). We did a proper cleaning of the device but they did not work until after they had been properly dried out.

I think soundcore has some other earbuds that may be better suited for running.
Sport x10 or say spirit dot 2 or maybe the spirt x or x2
I will say that it looks like their website has made some changes and some of the buds are not listed there but may be on Amazon…

May be a short use in a light rain will do no harm.
But I would be very careful, because there is no IPX-rating as far I know.
When damaged there will be no refund.

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They can handle low-pressure damp, the odd splash but they are open, plenty of holes and within no protection to the wires.

If they accidentally got wet I’d turn off and leave in warm airy place and cross fingers.