Are You Missing Jack?

Yes missing Jack, shame choice taken away from the consumers


Now I just have to have 2 or more wireless headphones wherever I go. In case one pair dies, hopefully the other is charged!

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I embraced and accepted Jack’s death back when I still had an iPhone 6. Went full wireless and I don’t miss Jack one bit :man_shrugging:t4:

I dont see them coming back, may be good for a reason, but I am fine with it… makes it easier

hope the laptops dont lose the jack :frowning:

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Nothing worse that heading out in the car only to find as you drive along that the dongle is missing. Radio stations suck, so there you sit in silence.

I’ve never been upset for having a headphone jack in any of my stuff. On the other hand I have been upset when it’s missing. Courageous my butt!

Bought new cars with Bluetooth, but it still sounds better when wired. Now my cars will play through the lightning and or usb cables. I’ve never even paired my phones to my cars when they have Bluetooth, cables all the way! Bluetooth audio quality needs to improve and I personally can hear the difference though many can’t.


I still use phones with a Jack and but rarely use it. I use Bluetooth for my earbuds and I use an AUX to Bluetooth adapter in the car when I can.

My wife’s new car has Apple Car Play so she uses her lightning cable and Bluetooth to connect to the car. I finally got her into Bluetooth earbuds. However she still carries a pair of wired earbuds i her car for a backup. She’s got an iPhone 6 plus and plans to keep it another 6 months or so. She’s waiting for the redesign to see if the redesigned iPhone is worth it or just get an 11.

I am still seeing people using wired earbuds at the gym. They are using the adapters. It crazy seeing all the cables and watching as they get in the way.

Overall I don’t care about loosing Jack. I hated wired earphones from the start. If my phone removed the Jack and I needed a Jack I would get an adapter.

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@Chiquinho here is your bluetooth


Still fond of the jack but don’t really miss the wired earbuds (which broke often) as I’m content with the several BT variations I use (majority is Soundcore)…use of adapters for jack functionality and wired cans (headphones) are still a must for options :grin:

I may show you my artificial teeth!
But please don’t tell this others!

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All of my mobile devices still have Jack. I haven’t had much luck with wireless, but the Liberty 2 Pro could be just the thing to change that.

All of my mobile devices still have a jack but I haven’t used them in a while so I guess I don’t miss him too much.

I told Jack to hit the road and not to come back no more. Truth is I will use them at times but it is mostly due to earbuds are in the room I am in and the wireless earbuds are in another room.

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Ha!! You would! :joy:

My phone still has an audio jack. Although my EarPods broke long ago… and I typically use a soundbar speaker at work and my car integrated speaker when driving.

Most of the App like Smule,Wesing etc…Need Wired HeadSet and not supported the Wireless Headset.

And lots of High End and Midrange Mobile phone are still supported the 3.5mmJack

But i really like the hassle free Wireless Headset.

There is no real downside to having a jack. I don’t need a phone so thin it bends in my pocket anyway. And there are many situations where the jack just makes life simpler.

An aux port will work indefinitely. I’m not as convinced bluetooth is forever.

So you think people will go back to wired? I don’t think so…

I’ve been without a headphone jack for a year & a half now, and I don’t miss it. There was a little bit of frustration at first that I couldn’t charge my phone while listening to music, but then I got bluetooth headphones and a wireless charger.