Area 51 vs. Soundcore

We didn’t realize everyone else had given up on raiding Area 51, so we persisted, bribed the guards with Soundcore swag and made our way inside…

Then, we answered that age-old question everyone’s been wondering!

Are aliens real?

No, not that question - the other one.

Do aliens party?

Well, hold your horses guys and girls, because we can now reveal the answer. See for yourselves…

Turns out they do party and, for this weekend only, we’re giving you an excuse to as well!

Get 20% off the all-new Soundcore Flare Mini, deal ends Monday 9PM PST. [US Only]

Pick yours up here:

Have a great weekend all!


Haha that is awesome, not a bad deal either


Soundcore entered Area 51 … ha ha… nice ad … this will definitely attract :rofl: a lot of members :smiley:

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Man, I couldn’t imagine being that guy who set that up as a joke only to have it blow up as much as it did. From what I was reading, he was questioned by some of the groups (FBI,NSA,Etc) which had to be a good time.


That’s hillarious!

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What about entering Area 51 is a bad idea? Seems easy enough :joy:

You should be the first.
The fearless and brave knight “Earl Andrew”.:joy:

why would we want to enter Area 51 :wink:

somethings are better kept secret, left alone. there are no aliens in there, may be some secret govt projects, which we need to respect and adhere to the rules.

Would say rather, buy these Soundcore Flare Minis and party :partying_face:

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I have a feeling that if I went to area 51 I would be welcomed in. Nothing like finally getting to meet my long lost family :alien:


“Knight Andrew” is too curious.
Probably he will meet old Neanderthaler’s brother in law.
Havent seen him for a while,
but there is still a photo of him in my family album


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Do they look like my brother in law I am still missing ?
I dont know what happened to him when he left Neanderthal in 9800 B.C. :joy:

Can you please stop with the… Thumping bass, head banging… Most of them aren’t even close. Most you show decent bass EQ to, just do the bass farts, cos it can’t cope… And unlike normal farts which can be funny, this isn’t! It’s horrible and sounds like a cheap item.

Reminds me of the old garage CDs, where they were so pumped, that any volume above 1½ and they’d distort like crazy.

The crossovers you use aren’t low enough for THUMPING BASS. Instead you get washy tinny rattling bass, that’s more mid range distortion, than clear crisp warming bass.

Bass that you feel, not hear. Bass that could be used to seperate sand grit sizes! Now that’s THUMPING BASS. Bass should enhance the sound not take over it.

Storming Area 51 and giving out discounts that are “out of this world” :alien:

You certainly look the part haha

I’m so excited to see what happens on September 20th.

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This is so clever, funny & awesome! Thanks for the coupon and gigs! :flying_saucer::alien:

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That’s hilarious! :joy: :alien:

Haha, love the creativity :slight_smile:

Marketing department must be having a field day with the new soundcore community, good stuff.

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