Arms where speakers are loose

Is there anyway to make the glasses tighter . I feel like if I lean forward they are ready to slide off my head like they were made for a bigger head . I’m not sure if I should try to bend the metal part where the arms connect to the frames . I want them to be tighter on my head . Any suggestions

I would not try to bend it.

There are two version a standard and small. It may be that you need to get a smaller one if you are using the standard.

The other option is maybe to try find an attachment to catch them if they do fall off.

The issue may be if you do try to add something to them you affect functionality that is on them (ie volume, speakers bt connection or turning on/off depending on where you put on them.

I thought the same thing but I don’t see a smaller size I think that box that says standard means you want the whole set not just the frames alone because when you click on standard it doesn’t give u any other options. I tried to click it on diff ones and they all do the same thing so I’m thinking they just have the one size .

We were discussing this before.
If someone is wearing glasses, one knows the side pieces have to be adjusted perfectly by bending.
Otherwise the wearer gets pains.
This is NOT possible with the earpieces containing hardware etc.
Same is with the distance of the glasses and the earpieces.

A perfect adjusted binocle needs to be adjusted by a skilled optician to fit perfectly.
Normally it should not “felt” by the wearer.
This can not be done with such devices.