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Today, we’re giving you the chance to go behind-the-scenes with Soundcore’s product design team—specifically the people behind the Life series of headphones :headphones:

Next week, @sean.L will be recording a podcast with Dorothy, Souncore’s Brand Manager, and Christy, our Life Series Product Manager. And of course, we want you to ask the questions!

So put on your thinking caps, come up with some awesome ideas, and share yours on or before Monday April 12th. If your question is selected, you’ll get 20 points added to your Collective account.

MY personal questions include:

  • What’s your favorite song?
  • What’s your favorite Anker Innovations product so far?
  • What features would you love to have included if you were given a Life series headset as a gift?

Let me know in the comments below what YOU’D like to ask the product team!


My question is:
Where’s your favorite place to use your Life headphones?


What’s the biggest challenge in making ANC?

How much does cost drive your priorities?

We see the Life XR product, given people don’t use headphones 24*7 so off heads for minutes to hours a day, do you feel there’s too much attention to battery life after above say 24 hours?

Do you feel you’re getting enough diversity of testers to shake out all issues before releasing a product?

If I were to be gifted some future Life headphones I’d like much better ANC than the Q30. I know it is difficult, but you have the best engineers and beta testers (right?).

  1. How did you started your collaboration with Soundcore?
  2. Do you prefer in-ear or over-ear headphones in your everyday life?
  3. Q30 are available in three colors. Which is your favourite?
  4. Soundcore did expanded to Russia by opening Russian store on Do you have any plans for expanding in nearest future?
  5. Could you share any funny moments while working for Soundcore?
  6. Looks like disign of any headphones is strictly limited by functionality. How you getting new ideas while are so limited.
  7. Before starting Q series all over-ear headphones from Soundcore had unique names (Life, Vortex, Space NC). Why you made decision to unify model names? If it was the right decision?
  8. Life Q30 and Life Tune are in same price range and have similar features. Why you decided to make 2 similar models? What are target buyers for those models?
  9. How number of codecs available for headphones affects sales?
  10. Do you have plans to make “gift boxes” (boxes including product and swag or two products etc.) besides regular boxes with products?

Any plans for more color options? How do you choose which colors to pick?

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Ok, my questions are: how do you pick where to put the microphones to get the best NC? How do you come up with the names of the products? If you expanded into something other than headphones and speakers, what would it be? Ok, this one is more random: what’s your favorite food?

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Why the Q? I mean as a name. Was life Q a meaning for “Life Quiet”?

I do BA work testing software n hardware at times. Do you use the agile project management model or a modified project management model when testing earbuds? I believe the agile model was used for community though.

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What is your favorite Soundcore product so far?

If you had to pick one feature that all headphones must have what would it be?

Do you consider yourselves audiophiles?

Where do you see Soundcore 5 years from now? 10? 20?


Heck I’d hope the designer is an audiophile, as I’m not!


One and only question – When or will Soundcore ever implement PartyCast / Pairing for Life headsets?


Agreed I would hope they are but that doesn’t mean that they are we just hope they are

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OOh that’s a good one!

The engineer in me immediately thinks of small bluetooth antennaes and the battery life impact… more viable in the over-ear as room for it all to fit, than in-ear.

2.4Ghz calls for either 6cm monopole or 3cm dipole, you can fit either in an over-ear but not in-ear. The extra battery drain is nothing in an over-ear you can fit a bigger battery easily (as per Life XR), but more challenging in-ear.


What determines the size and type of driver you use?

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Why does the microphone on all of the Life headphones not get sent over the wired cable?

These would be ideal for corded OR cordless operation with that one little change. An explanation for why would help with the frustration that it doesn’t work.


You claim (as do most makers) you scan thousands of ears for the design of the buds n earphones.


I’ve recently been set up to get some new hearing aids, and they filled my ears with a silicon gel, and that then becomes the shape of the bit that goes in my ear.

If you’re doing this with thousands of Chinese, it wouldn’t give you a broad enough spectrum to fit western ears.

So how do you get all these people to come in and have their ears scanned?


Soundcore life note device I have but it have some calling issue. It makes some sound on call. Is there possibility to fix this?

Here are some questions for consideration (thanks for the opportunity to take part :wink:)

  • Has Soundcore considered making open back headphones, or even reference headphones? If so, what were / are some of the challenges to overcome when considering the brand vision (price, quality, soundstage)

  • what were some of the usually <— unusal design considerations that made it into the final release of the Q series?

  • For the Q series, the three amigos (Q10, Q20, and Q30), to my knowledge, have a 3 pole socket / 3.5mm cord, and as such don’t offer ability to have mic work through the cord. What drove this choice vs. 4 pole socket / cable or including an inline mic?



I missed to mention the over the ear headphones, such as Life Q10, Q20, Q30 or Q3X… for PartyCast /


My questions:
1.Many of us own high-quality older audio equipment (CD player, amplifier, AV receiver …) Although it is of very good quality, unfortunately it does not have Bluetooth. Could you build a universal Bluetooth transmitter dedicated to Soundcore equipment, which would be able to transmit high quality signal to your products? Ideally, it should be connected to the headphone jack and powered without a cable, i.e. directly from a supported CD, amplifier, receiver ,…
2. Is it possible to extend the Bluetooth range of your next products even further? Everything works fine for me if one wall is the obstacle. When two walls obstruct the signal, the signal begins to cut off. I am sending greetings from Poland