Audio Escape | Photo Of The Week

With all things #AudioEscape this week here on the collective, we thought it would be fun to see what #AudioEscape themed photos you can come up with!

A tip - the #AudioEscape can be anything you feel is your escape, for example perhaps a quiet place you listen to music, or your favorite audio setup

Remember to include your favorite Soundcore product in the photo! Have fun!

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Sweet looking custom L2Ps :wink:

Ooo I sure can put a photo in for this. Will try to give 2 different meaning of Audio Escape in 1 photo

Calgon Soundcore take me away…


Nice relaxing bubble bath w/ bath bomb and some relaxing classical music… almost could fall asleep and escape the days woes…feels like floating on clouds…

IPX7… water… meh… no worries

Photo w/ lights on (nobody in the tub... yet)

Tub is about 1/2 full of water at this point


I really need to remember to do this

I have a few ways escape and most include audio. When I did work at the office, I would play the radio/audio almost all day. I find that the audio helps me to focus on my day as I help test our software/web pages. When I am at home, I may relax by playing a video game or a movie.

Another way I relieve stress at work is to doodle in Paint. I would create funny photos to help myself and coworkers to relieve stress. (example is putting supervisor as a ballerina).

With that said, I had a though that @Loz, @Hannah and @sean.L looked like the Charlie Angels in their pose in their backstage with the collective thread pic. So I decided to update their post pic with a more Charlie themed ( that I found on the web) also a little tag line.

In case the above does not meet approval. Every time I think of audio escape, I think of one of my favorite movies, Matrix with Neo. So here is Neo (soundcore version)


My eyes, my eyyyeeesssss


I can’t unsee Sean and Lawrence in those pant suits :joy:


Christmas come a little early for you?

Well the booms were my Xmas gift!!! I love them!!! And the q30 for over month and the 2 pros since last dec!!

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Feel free to use that in your next calendar :rofl:

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@Pantera43 nice collection of products you have there !

Thank you!!! I seriously think they r the best in each category and i loved the motion plus but for what I wanna use em for and just the fun sound I decided to go with a 2nd boom!!! And the 2 of em together are literally unreal!!! Just beautiful sound and they are loud!!! I’m hopin the next one I ever buy will be a cross between the motion plus and boom… if the boom had a couple tweeters it would be no doubt the best speaker on the market!!!

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My #AudioEscape is throwing on some headphones and gaming :slight_smile:

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That is very disturbing, quite funny, and a very strong entry here…

Congrats on securing the 5

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