Auto Pause Problems Liberty Air 2 Soundcore app

I just received my Liberty Air 2 yesterday 6/17/20 and I always thought they would be able to Auto Pause the audio as soon as you take them out off your ears. I have seen that happen in review videos and read about it online.
Are they actually able to do that?
There is no option to turn Auto Pause on or off in the Soundcore app. The control page on my phone also looks different than I expected. There is single touch, hold and double touch.
Was there an update that got rid off the Auto Pause feature? Or is there a way I can get my earphones to do that?Is anyone else having that problem? I am using an iPhone 6s.

The auto pause function can be toggled on/off on the far right page of the Liberty Air 2 page In the soundcore app.

Hi everyone. I just got mine and in the app the option to (de)activate the auto pause is just not there. This is the second pair we buy in two weeks and they are just different. I’m seriously thinking in sending them back.

I know we have had several people lately have this one issue but if you are linked to the app it should give different options for buttons and etc.

So are you connected in the app @Roberto_Guerra and @Marie50.

It looks like you are connected to the phone and bluetooth is established but have you connected the app to the bluetooth of that device. This is the way the app activates that device in the app so that you can tweak its functions

When you go to the app, you would go to the headphone and find your device under the Liberty series. You would then click connect. Hitting the connect will send the app to go out to the bluetooth to find the Liberty Air 2 and pair it to the app.

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I know they are different because even the instructions manual is different. We already compared them and the sentence where it said that if you take them out they auto pause is not even there.
In the app I get the “single tap” , “double tap”, and “2s hold” options. With the other device there’s an option in the app where you can turn the Auto-Pause off and no “single tap” option.
Is there a way to tweak the app or hardware to do that?

I am connected to the app and the Liberty Air 2 appear on the screen. When I go the the far right page I have three options to control the touch functions on each earbud. There is no Auto Pause on or off control anywhere in the app that I can find.
Is there a way to get that to work? Because the earbuds should be able to do that right?

@Roberto_Guerra and @Marie50 when you are in the app you need to scroll Down and not just look through the toggles for each earbud. Scroll down and you will see the autopause slide button as seen below.

It’s not there.

That’s all. Can’t scroll further down.

What app version do you have?
Click the 3 lines in top left and then about to find the version you have

Everything is up to date.

What the heck firmware are you on? Because mine only shows Version 04.26 and it says I’m up to date

I have 2 pairs, paired to two different phones and I just checked and they both just updated to this firnware

I guess the latest one. The other pair we bought last week has the 4.26 version. :crazy_face::unamused:

Reach out to support and see what they say about the different versions
Email or call them, info is in the link below

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Thank you for your help.

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Maybe some fake version of Liberty Air 2? Is possible?

I have spoken to mutlitple Sound Core employers and they have all told me that it is a new version that now features single tap but no auto pause. They have been very helpful and they offered to exchange my Liberty air 2s with the ones that have auto pause.

We need auto pause off, not only on, and they take it out completely? What kind of upgrade is this?

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Can I ask what are the colors for the 4.26 pair and the other pair that is registering the 10 for the version. @Tank I saw a couple of others and I think the ones that are the firmware 10 are the white ones and wonder if they have the autopause on those white ones as well. Just an assumption. I think the other one that I found had something similar. I think the whites ones may be like first iteration as well.

white: FW 10.08
black: 04.26

Does the white ones have the auto pause? I think the other person that had something similar the white pairs did not have autopause and it was due to being the first iteration, I think.