Automatic app updates like them or hate them?

What do you think about automatic app updates occuring randomly and clogging up storage space?
Or do you prefer to manually update the specific apps you want to use?

Let’s just say on my phone the updates have been stacking up :joy:

116 updates :sweat_smile:

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I love em. Why do something manually, that can be automated?

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Mine are meant to be automatic but I find myself having to manually update them :man_shrugging:t2:

Depends on the app developer and the device, if I’ve had issues with a developers app version in the past I will leave it on manual and install once I know its stable for the majority but for the most time I leave things on auto (have backups anyways)…one less hassle in life :grin:

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Never ever do the automatic updates… be it an App or OS… it can wreck havoc… have disabled this on my iPhones

Free apps are converted to Paid… OS can make your machine remain dead in water… Windows most of the times…

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I always hated them and whenever possible, I have them disabled. They many times cause more issues rather than than fixing things.

For iOS in particular, the updates are constantly pushed to the device until you install them…at least now, you can delete them (but they will eventually be pushed back again).

When iOS 7 was released, it was auto-pushed to devices hogging 2-3 GB of your storage space. At that time, there was no way to delete the iOS update from the device like there is now. If you didn’t install the update, the download package sat on your device, robbing you of 2-3 GB of storage space. If you were on a 16GB device, this took up so much of the storage space (depending on how full your device was) that the device would almost constantly be popping up with Low Storage Space messages .

Some of us in the Apple Support Communities discovered a way to delete the pushed update (involved resetting the device in certain manner while connected to the Mac/PC as I recall). Then we came up with a couple of methods to block the update from being pushed to the device…

  1. Fill the storage space with videos/other large apps/etc to fool the device into thinking it was too full to accept the pushed update…but not too much to keep the device from spitting out Low Storage Space messages.

  2. Block the Apple Update server ( in your personal Wi-Fi router…this worked well but connect to a different Wi-Fi network (with no block in place) and your device was susceptible to the auto-pushed update.

Fun times back then. Seems that Apple finally heard the cry foul and mended their ways (somewhat).

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I always have mine on auto update. Is that you mentioned will be watchful and change default settings.

That’s what my updates look like :slight_smile: Once we get our new service in a few weeks I will leave auto updates off.

I turned off auto update because it likes to update on limited home internet. We are capped at the moment so I only update during our unlimited after hours internet service.

I remember you were talking about some issues with your internet some time ago.
Seems you have always such. What kind of connection are you using?

Updates: LINUX shows me if there are some. I install or not.
If there is an offer of versions of beta-kernels, I always wait if there is no more “beta” at this version.
In the very beginning of LINUX sometimes a decline happened when installing an update.
But this was long time ago. :wink:

Other day I updated the Asus App for Wifi… now everytime I launch the app, it forces me to go to Location setting enabled, even though I dont need it… this is annoying, and reason to avoid any updates… :woozy_face: