Award Winning Audio Giveaway - why not everyone?

Why are we, people-users of Soundcore equipment, outside the US region, denied access to this promotion?
Not only do we pay more for Soundcore items in Europe because we pay in euros, we are also disadvantaged in this way.
I don’t understand Soundcore’s policy
its products are very little known in Poland. In such a situation, it seems that it is beneficial for the company to promote a market that is not yet captured.
We promote them on social networks, we are a FREE ambassador of this company, we are a FREE advertisement.
Instead of rewarding us, you still punish us.
If you community members agree with me, write your opinion.


They are slowly adding more regions, as I noticed that Ireland and Japan are now included, when previously they were not.

I think as more people ask / comment, they possibly add.

There is one other competition, the predictions one, that I think is all regions. I haven’t checked it yet.


Thanks for writing back this is really annoying when he is disfellowshipped. Orwell ironically wrote in “Animal Farm”:

All animals are created equal,
but some are more equal than others.


The irony is the Soundcore warehouse for Europe is in Poland.

On the price issue, you will need to find an example to prove it. When I have checked prices it’s always been the exchange rate plus tax ratio. USA prices exclude sales tax, EU prices include VAT. Most USA states have around 9% sales tax yet to be added on the prices shown, while most VAT is often much higher.

Yes the asymmetric treatment of countries has been common for years. I know why it happens and it boils down to cost. To do the same event (e.g discounts) across all countries simulataneously requires to coordinate stock levels. If you have varying stock by country then the offer will expire at different times in each country and then you get complaints where stock goes fastest. You must also coordinate local language translations for good grammar in each country.

Fundamentally the USA will always have the inate advantage of a very large population with high average disposable income with a single language and electrical system, can serve 330 million out of two large warehouses, vs Europe having different languages etc.


Yes, the Polish distributor of the Anker brand (Soundcore and several other companies) is CSI S.A. When it comes to problems with inventory resources, there aren’t huge amounts of rewards. These are probably single pieces, and yet many awards are not the company’s products, but points, coupons … After all, it is a small cost compared to the profit you can get for brand promotions.

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The promotion is mostly to gather your social media contacts, they then have the right forever to sell that data.

When the dinner is free you are the meal


It is obvious. Only if it were about you, you’d probably be maniacally geeky furious too.:confounded:

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You can always enter and if you win then send to a friend in one of the winning countries.

It’s nice of them to be in so many countries. It is usually many less.


I can’t take part in this, because the screen is displayed as you see at the beginning of the thread.

I come back to your historical thread:
I think you’re studying history now. Someday you will probably reach 1945.Do you know how many Polish soldiers were fighting for you British at the end of this year? About 250,000
And this mighty British Empire, for which so many Poles shed blood in 1945, scared the Russians and betrayed us (Yalta and other secret arrangements). In 1945 we were no longer needed and we could be thrown to the “Beast of the East”. Even in the “wipe away tears” victory parade, Poles could not take part. This, as a nation, cannot be forgotten by the British Empire.

In a technology era, “can’t” isn’t possible.

Your point is perfectly valid its not available in your country, but that’s up to you if it’s an issue.

There’s too much history to be fresh in memory for long, and so it’s easy to be wrong about any topic.

Yes I know that history, Yalta conference etc.

It’s not available for me as well. Well… It can be fixed by me , but I am not sure I should do this. I would understand if it would be delivery issue. But it’s not.

I don’t know if I can do that, I can get a penalty for it, exclusion …
It is not worth it and so the chances of winning are minimal. Such something should be available to everyone without a combination.

And if you are not a lover of fakebook and the other so called unsocial media
you are out of the game.
I really dont mind, but I will and cannot take part
so I will bring down my participation here more and more.

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No war stories and politics please.
I know we can discuss, but this is a rule here not to do so.

Please understand that.

I know you will. :grinning:

Thank you!

There will be no more history and politics.

History is of course OK (eg history of Polish composers),
but history includes often politics, so its not easy to discuss about
You may add some history of Polish classical composers, who are not so known like Chopin. :smiley:

I think its ok to recount history, stating facts. Where it begins to get dodgy is when sharing opinions.

Most of the 20th century was well documented so hard to dispute facts. It gets less reliable further back. There’s very little you can confident is true if you go back hundreds of years.

Dont agree.
Talking about political history is never free of emotions and is always a kind of state of view, insights
and opinions.

We were always avoiding to talk about politics and we should keep that strictly.
There are so many other places where those discussions can be made.

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Difference between history and politics is history is stating what happened, politics is stating what you think about it.

History: Poland was occupied 1939-1945.
Politics: (not my view but to illustrate) Poland was liberated by the supreme forces of Marxist revolution.

I think you can absolutely drift into history. If you drift into politics then agree with you there’s more appropriate other places for those interested.

Difference between censorship and keeping a community of common interests.

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South Africa is excluded as well :slightly_frowning_face:
I had to import my product from the US via Amazon, because there is still no official presence in my home country…and customs duty in dollars hurts! :cry:
Will still be an unpaid marketer of this awesome brand though…hopefully they will support us in turn by making these competitions region-free. Your best advert after all, is your excellent product being used and shown off by grateful, loyal fans.