Awards od the Week-Why didn't I get all the notes, points, tickets?

3 days ago you could read that I got two awards: Photo of the Week and New Collective Member of the Week. Thank you very much and I am very happy about it
But unfortunately I received points, tickets and notes as if I had only won one prize.
I’ve been waiting for 2 days, because I thought the rest would come later, but unfortunately it’s still not there.
Why? What is going on?


It is probably an oversight. @sean.L can probably help look at this for you. I would give them a week potentially as they have a current contest and their time on the site may be more limited.

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All fixed for you! Thanks for bringing it to my attention!

Have a great week!


Thank you very much for your help and quick response.
Now everything is correct :smile:!
I wish you a good day!

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Thank you for the quick reply - everything is fixed. I am very happy about it, I thought it would be a bigger problem with that. Have a good day!:+1:t2:


Usuallly points and notes and stuff take time. Like I’ve been waiting on tickets from the leaderboard for the past two months but eventually I’ll remind Sean or Sean will get to doing it but I’m in no rush. Usually though if after a week or so just message Sean in the future


OK thank you for the information. Some of the points came right away, so I thought the rest were lost.:+1:t2:

This week had unique, both photo and new member, so two rewards.

I thought about creating a new thread, but since this one is so similar to the topic I was going to post about I’ll just post it here. As you may know, I won photo of the week this week. Thank you for that, whoever makes the decisions. Anyways, I got my points and notes, but I didn’t get my tickets. I’ve never gotten only part of a reward before, so could someone help? If there is someone to contact, I will do that. Thanks!


It is probably an oversight. @sean.L can probably help look at this for you.


Thanks @sodojka


Was the problem solved? At my place
they did it in no time.

did review of the week get dropped?

@Duane_Lester said it was, but it still says 2 tickets. I did find out where the 2 tickets were from, though. It turns out that I leveled up without noticing.

I don’t think so, they just will remove the reviews category.

Never really said it was. I directed your issue to Sean whom said it was then care of.

I believe it’s now considered under thread of the week and no longer review of the week.

Oh, sorry @Duane_Lester. I guess I read it wrong.