Bad product design (non-soundcore)

So I get on Facebook at times and will get ads that show up. Some are related to my searches (Soundcore) and others are not.

Recently I got several not related and I have to say some of the designs are not great and make me glad Soundcore had a good design team. So what are some bad designs that you have seen such as this globe hat speaker. :smile:


I hate the JBL pulse design. The flare/ flare 2 is much better


I have to say that is worse than mine. That truly ugly. You can take the globe cap off my pic and that speaker is not 1/2 bad but those colors are forever.

I actually like getting these ads sometime just to see what they are trying to sell. I have to say I am surprised by JBL n this speaker.

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They already have a 4th version of that speaker :cry:

Design likes depend on people looking at it…

Something I dislike may be liked by some and vice-versa… I have seen people like these lighted versions who want dance floor look … :grin:

These are completely personal preferences!!

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point taken but that JBL is still ugly. lol

That I too agree :joy:

LOL … just wonder what was going through the designer’s mind when he picked that design and colors :rofl:

Both of those are pretty bad. Apparently job has a market for them though cause they keep making them.

At my job we use a lot of professional products, but there is definitely a time and place for cheaper (and poorly designed) speakers like the Ion. We’ve used them when dealing with children or youth that are going to be rough on the equipment and want more “noise” than “quality audio”.

As for me, I’ll stick to my Soundcore Trance!!

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I will stick to Rave Mini, the close cousin of Trance :slight_smile:

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