Balance problem left and right bud Sport X10

I have a balance problem with my Sport X10 buds (had it since day 1). When I take the buds out of the case and they connect, all is as it should be. However, after a while (this can be as short as 5 minutes or as long as 2 hours), the balance between the earbuds is no longer centred because one bud will become more quiet. Sometimes it’s the left one, sometimes the right bud. This happens both on my iPhone and my iPad
There are 2 ways I can temporarily fix it:

  1. By putting both buds back in the case, let them disconnect from my phone and then taking them out again
  2. By invoking siri. As soon as siri is done talking back (for instance if I ask her what my name is), the buds will be re-balanced again.

I have tried all the usual:

  • Making sure the batteries are properly charged
  • Switched between noise cancellation, transparency and normal mode
  • Reset the buds

Nothing helps. Has anybody else experienced a similar issue? This is my first pair of soundcore buds and I absolutely love them, but this behaviour is a bit of a letdown and something I’ve never experienced before.

Using both an iPhone 13 and iPad Air 3, both updated to latest version of iOS.


Some software can do adjustments of the channels.
I don’t know what OS are using.

But in your case it seems something is wrong with the buds.
I would ask the support for help.

I have the X10.

I have not seen this type of bug before.

Based on your words I’d suggest swapping under warranty.