Bass update for flare series speakers to make them also more customizable

With my Q20s that I have the bass is still great just a bit of popping when it gets to deep. But with my flare 2, whenever the song has good bass it will quiet down and make it quieter and less bass. If you could have a software update for make it so that it will still pump bass with out getting quieter. Or give us an option for crisper sound or brassier music. I’d rather here the bass a bit more than the song.


I need to check mine to see I have a bass type eq. I think you just want a bass up button right

There is a bass up button, I believe and also within the app you can augment the bass using the custom eq, or even I think a bass + preset.

At present I am unable to check mine, but can edit in findings in about a week (spring break :wink:).

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It depends on taste. Flare 2 isn’t bass oriented. I suggest to turn BassUp on and add more bass in custom EQ. Hope it will help.

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