Battery drain for liberty 3 pro

Hi, I have a question regarding battery drainage for liberty 3 pro. My setting is LDAC n this morning I start playing it with 100% both side charged, after about 1.5 to 2 hours of playing the right inform me battery low n left with 10% but the left still with 60%. Is this normal? Anyone encounter this before?

I always play with both side together not single.
Previously I used to play it about 2 hours also but battery left with 60% both side n I’ll put it back in the case for charging. Not sure what’s the problem. Bought this unit 4 weeks ago. Kindly advise. Thanks

(Ok now I recalled that I did some setting with the software adjusting the EQ… could this be the cause?)

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One bud is “master” the other is “slave”.
The “master” needs more power than the “slave”.

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Yes. But would it be too drastic for the difference of 50%? Thanks

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Indeed that’s a little bit too much. :grinning:
You should contact the support or wait for other responses here.
What I know there is a big difference in drain of speakers used in the TWS mode.
(Same -> “master” and “slave” principle)
But there I have to calculate the age of the speakers as well.

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If you were to drain battery on each earbud separate, I.e. only use one and have the other in the case, what type of runtime are you getting for each?

It does seem odd that one is draining at a faster clip…

Also, I recall seeing something in one of the soundcore manuals, on their website about having the device on the right side, to make for easier connection… not sure though if that would have influence on the battery life…

More sleuthing to do :face_with_monocle: maybe let us know rundown time on the singleton test for each?

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Thanks for your suggestions. Will have a try n update later :+1:

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Mine doesn’t drain unevenly like that. If that persists after the update, I’d contact Customer Support.


My L3P back to normal again for battery drain last two days (if I used it only for playing songs).

I found out the battery drain seems very drastic if I do a lot of setting (EQ tuning) with the soundcore app…

Issue solved. Thanks all for the replies :pray:

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Thanks for this message :slightly_smiling_face:.
Good to know in case a similar problem had arisen with my earbuds.

Greatly appreciate the return to advise on how they are working.

Hope you enjoy them plenty.

After some time of use, it would be nice if you could share a review?

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I’m 300% satisfied with liberty 3 pro. Actually the price is over my budget but no regrets at all :+1:t2:

The preset EQ doesn’t meet my “requirement” (that’s why I spending most time tuning the EQ). The soundcore app is superb equipped with the hear ID sound test, really helps giving me an idea of how to tune the EQ, below share my EQ tuning.

I’m using hf player app from playstore (onkyo free version) as this is the best app I found so far (with dsp setting uncheck volume is higher). Poweramp is another app I use but Bluetooth earbuds quality is better with hf player. Wired earphones is better with Poweramp.
Anyone can share a better player app (free version) is much appreciated :pray:t2:

I set LDAC permanently as I found that there is a slight improve of sound quality for the same MP3 file.
Not sure how’s the difference compare with hi res file (anyone could share?) Maybe will try tidal if worth commit the monthly fees.

I take extremely good care of this precious item n my only concern is the battery life n there’s no spare part to purchase for the case or ear tip separately (in case accidentally spoil or lost it). Hopefully the battery can last for years :+1: Thanks


Is this Hf player is a free version for Android?
I use my Android tablet only in vacations.
I will take a look later what player I am using,
But it has a 10 freq eq I remember.

Playing music with my LINUX laptop I use VLC which is really a great tool for media.
Do you know Audacity for audio editing?

I know there are many others but mostly for WIN not for LINUX.:laughing:

Yes, hf player got free version n u may pay to upgrade for premium, but it’s good enough for me with free version. Hf player have 11 freq band but I set it to flat (sound will get distorted if I have two set of EQ). The sound is superb with soundcore app EQ tuning, together with my ROG phone 5 (it’s a gaming phone but surprisingly sounds amazing for Bluetooth n wired connection, even better than s21)

The sound produced by hf player is the best so far, comparable with kkbox app (but u need to commit monthly fees). I’ll take a look into VLC player for Android, thanks for sharing. I have only my phone as my main device since both ROG n L3P already use up my five years budget :sweat_smile: I’ll try audacity if got android version.

I’m now learning how to rip CD to WAV or MP3 with best quality using EAC software for windows, but so far I didn’t notice difference (maybe my ear not sensitive enough :face_with_hand_over_mouth:). Thanks

When ripping CD its better to use the FLAC codec.
But make sure your player can play this.
I am sure there is an Audacity for Android.
You can do a lot with this program, like a sound engineer.


VLC is a great app :+1:t2: Sound produced is slightly better than hf player with more detail n piercing in vocal which I preferred, n without advertisement. Hf player is Chinese search capable for song name n lower battery drain 2%/hr vs VLC 5%/hr.
But I couldn’t find audacity in playstore :sweat_smile:

Which is the best software for CD ripping to FLAC file? Would like to hv a try n thanks in advance

Hm, I haven’t been ripping for a long time.
So I can not say.
Don’t forget I am LINUX user. :grin:

When I was working for the university I was using all OS (LINUX; WIN; MAC-OS)
but now I am a pensioner.
So I am a little bit out of the game! :rofl:

VLC : There is an option to adjust delay (video)

:face_with_hand_over_mouth: oops… anyhow thanks for sharing all the info :+1:


Do us a favor!
Stay here!
Members with such a knowledge are more than welcome! :laughing:


One of the crew members had posted a link for spare parts… I’ll see if I can find and edit the link in…

Glad to hear more about your earbuds, and hope they last long time.

That would be helpful if the link can support spare parts worldwide.
Soundcore do e-mailed back to me regarding this issue, they feedback that warehouse may have accessories stock available but postage from US to my country would not be worth it, I’m from Malaysia… Guess my only choice is taking good care of this precious n thanks for your feedback as well :pray:t2: