Battery drain for liberty 3 pro

That’s always the problem regarding the shipping costs.
In the past I could ship small items registered in a “letter” by DHL for low costs worldwide.
Not allowed for private persons any more. :roll_eyes:
But companies could do, but the don’t want to because of “marketing strategies”.:no_mouth:

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I wanted to make a comparison. I ripped the CD to the quality:

  1. MP3 the highest quality
    I listened and compared the sound of the same recordings on the Liberty 2 Pro (VLC player). I really don’t hear any difference. If you can hear the difference, you must have a brilliant hearing :clap: :clap: :clap:.

No, my old drummer ears are worn out. :laughing:
We were talking about human hearing abilities here a lot.
You should read about all that codecs and the difference.
The younger you are the better is the “ear” (and other things :rofl:)

Here is the link…

This is very helpful :+1:
Other region need to “source” a better option to deal with the shipping cost :sweat_smile:

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Yes, for me, shipping $14 usd, so I’d almost look to replace the entire unit, if a lower cost earbud.

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I found that there is a possiblility of poor connect when not placed properly into the case. The unbalanced time usage maybe because one of them is not placed properly and was not charged to the full. Therefore, one side might have 100% while the other side might be half charged. It happened to me once and since them, I need to make sure they are placed into the case properly before I close the case for charging.

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If this is the “master” bud its bad.