Battery drain without LDAC

I ordered a pair of Liberty 3 Pro’s after seeing rave reviews and they arrived yesterday from my local BestBuy. I upgraded the firmware, and never turned on LDAC (in fact, it tells me I’d have to upgrade for LDAC). The main issue is that I am not getting anywhere close to the estimated battery charges that have been reported. They die in less than 2 hrs, without LDAC. Are these defective?


Do a restart of the earbuds.

They should state somewhere about ldac n NC times… I think both was like 3 and 1/2.

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Dont have those but I think it should last longer. I suggest to reset earbuds and forget bluetooth pairing.
Then pair it again. By the way volume level strongly affects how long earbuds will work without charging.

I believe Soundcore rates the Runtime @50% volume with ANC and Transparency Mode off (also not with LDAC). Higher volume, ANC, Transparency and LDAC will diminish runtime!

I’ve never really did a full runtime test on mine since I usually only use them for an hour or so at a time. Anything longer and I’d probably just use Headphones or Speakers.

All that being said your runtime seems a tad low unless you’re running them at 100% volume.

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That’s true.
The louder, the shorter the runtime.

But also the louder, the worse for the hearing.
The more often this is urgently said, the better.

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Thanks for the feedback!

Just to provide some context:

I went ahead and upgraded to 4.75 the other day (the firmware that has LDAC functionality), reset my buds and still have the same experience.

I’m using these for my job as I work from home in a customer service type gig where I take phone calls all day. Compared to my previous customer service phone jobs, I am taking WAY less calls. Maybe 20-30 a day…if that. And today, my buds went from 100% to 60% in an hour. Volume at medium or below. No ANC or LDAC. Nothing enabled.

I’m starting to think these just don’t hold up for phone usage. They’re connected to my work laptop and I am not playing any music or anything else in between calls

What’s your phone? Look up the Bluetooth version.

Does one drain substantially faster than the other?

You’ve only mentioned drain overall not drain per bud, so I’m suspecting you have an old phone or a bad pairing.

It isn’t connected to my phone for work, it’s connected to my work laptop.

Do not know for sure if this helps but you can try to update the BT on the laptop. Is this used for just the laptop or other devices as well?

Same basic question. BT version of laptop?

Fact you said it’s a laptop adds to the probable cause, you’re using BT 4.2 which drains one bud most and you’re looking at the most draining bud.

Search for the issue.

If it’s just 1 Bud I might think it has a weak cell. If it’s both buds, it’s probably something else.

Both buds are draining the same.

My work laptop is an HP Chromebook and IT advised I check for a new update for Chromebook OS which was t available (so I have the current build, and there is no update for Bluetooth needed as they also told me). So yea, it doesn’t appear to be the Bluetooth.

Have you done a test with another device and see if there are the same issues?

Yes. On my phone, I’m getting longer battery life but I barely call or receive calls so I figured I was able to use the buds to listen to music, and audio from other media but not have the same battery life when making calls. That was my theory.

One thing I have noticed aside from battery life is that the sound quality sounds horrible when I did try to listen to music on Spotify on my laptop. I wonder if this is due to the fact that I use Spotify from the app on my phone, and the laptop accesses the service via browser.

But yea, on the phone I noticed around 6-7 hrs of usage…on the laptop less than 2 hrs. I have to constantly charge it when on breaks and lunch for it to barely survive a work day.

How is the sound using the buds listening to music from your laptop NOT using spotify?
The same poor sound?

The sound of the call quality sounds good. Our calls also come through a client that is accessed by a web browser. But yea, it’s clear and sounds fine.

Your laptop is using headset profile that’s a lower bitrate profile.

You need to change to headphones profile.

Search for Windows Bluetooth settings.

If you’re paired with both laptop and phone then whichever Bluetooth version connects first is the version until the buds then power off.

If you’re connected to an older laptop Bluetooth version then it’s going to be stuck at that when using the phone and that explains the battery drain.

Delete all pairings and only pair with either phone or laptop not both. That should fix some of your issues.

If doesn’t then probably a hardware fault warranty claim.

Just to understand…

I don’t pair them both at the same time. Should I reset the buds and delete their profile on both devices every time I’m looking to use one?

I’m not suggesting this definitely is the cause but worthwhile testing.

Try to only pair with one at a time so delete pairings and reset buds and pair with one device. See if that helps. If it does help then yes consider swapping between devices as you suggested.

Reset the buds…deleted their profiles from my phone and laptop. Only paired to the laptop…battery draining the same.

It’s odd…I get far better battery life from the phone.

So with this, I can conclude it’s defective? How can I go about in getting an exchange if that’s the case?

Or is there some issue with the laptop somehow drawing more power?