Battery indicator issue for liberty 3 pro

I notice for these few days the battery indicator shows only 90% once I connect it (no longer showing 100%). Is this the sign of battery degrade or the indicator/software problem? Should I take this as an issue? Thanks

P/s: I always left my L3P fully charged in the case for few hours before connect it

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No, battery aging manifests as less battery life.

Eliminate the two most common issues.

With buds out of case, disconnenct from buds and let them auto power off eventually. Clean the case pins and once buds off clean the buds pins, using isopropyl alcohol. Then once its dried, charge and see if that fixes it.

If not, then reset the buds, pair again, and use them til empty (one will go empty faster, usually the right one) and fully charge, that will then recalibrate the voltage sensor.

Let us know what happens, it will take you a couple of days til you know.

Once you get battery life reduction noticeable, then you have aging. Aging is unavoidable but rarely will be what decides the fate of the buds, typically there’s 500 charge cycles in a cell, so even if you used fully to flat every day that’s 18 months, most people though would take 3-5 years to get through all the cycles and commonly by then a newer bud takes your interest and these end up little used.

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Thanks a lot for your prompt reply n advice. Will try it n update later :+1:

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Using ldac and anc will get quickest battery depletion…

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From an engineering perspective there is no inherent reason why when listening to music that ANC would alter battery life. I know it does as the electronics is burning up energy doing the calculation, but I can see an eventual future where the chips are so efficient they burn almost no power computing the inverse wave and then ANC has negible impact on battery life.

ANC when not listening to music will always drain battery.

I’m having the same issue. It is no longer charging to 100%.

Did you yet try what was post above?


May want to search a little as I do not remember the 3 Pro as I as do not have and may forget if there is that issue as well.

Try toclean contacts and reset.

I have the exact same issue with the Life P3 (though not on my Liberty 3 Pro). Stuck 90% in Android BT display though Soundcore App seems to indicate full charge. Tried it all including full drain to shutdown, recharge, reset (contacts are kept clean already) - no change.
But get this - if I open the case, buds auto-connect as usual, 90% shown, then plug the charging case into USB C power, Android instantly reports 100% on the buds. And 100% remains even after the buds are then removed from the case.
Can’t say I notice actual overall battery degradation. Hard to do anyway given they’re used about twice a week and never drained low. Same for the case - never allowed to get low.
Seems to be a Soundcore bug of some kind rather than power related?
PS: Wonder if it’s the CASE that needs to drain dead and ‘reset’…hmmm

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I would always suggest a reset if mine seemed to working out of the ordinary.

I tried that with connecting case immediately to the USB-C power but 90% stands still. Stuck there. This is a great shame.