Battery life of Liberty Air 2 (new edition)

I have the Liberty Air 2, newest edition (firmware 10.11).
I charged them fully and I connected both to my phone.
I was listening on music (around 3hrs continuously on ~50% sound volume) and the battery level of the right earbud dropped at 40%, while the left earbud at 80%. Is this difference between the two earbuds normal? Is it because the right one is the main earbud?
Or it might be a defected right earbud?


I don’t think that kind of difference is really normal to be honest. I’m not sure how much difference HearID can cause but you didn’t change anything on the earbuds (settings and EQ wise) then you don’t need to worry about that.

So in short, it is very possible that it is defecting. I would say try to reset the buds, charge them completely, and retest them to see how much time you get on each earbud

Liberty Air 2 left ear battery has too less lasting than right ear bud… around 4-5 hours but right earbud battery backup superb !!

Kindly increase the same.

@ribo7 @Shivam_Shah @Chiranjit this is actually normal behaviour.

The first earbud connect directly to you phone. The second earbud then connects to the first bud.

So the first bud has to make two bluetooth connections. This causes the battery to drain much faster.

This is actually the case with all true wireless earbuds.


Ok makes sense. Honestly wouldn’t have thought that would make such a difference. Thanks @TechMan

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@Techman, indeed it’s a normal behavior but the question is how much difference is acceptable.
And that makes the advertised battery life misleading (when you claim 7hrs playtime, you should specify that only one of them lasts that long since the other is dead after 5-6 hours).

Also, I’m not sure that all tws earbuds work with the master/slave concept. For example, SONY WF-1000XM3 seem to connect both independently to a device.

What’s a typical time for the earbuds to be fully recharged (from 0%) when you put them in the case? Manual says around 2hrs, but does this refer to when the case is connected to the power? Or if the case is not connected to the case, does it depend on whether the case is fully or half charged?

So guys who own Liberty Air 2, how long does it take to fully charge the earbuds (from 0-100%) when the case is with 2/3 dots and not in power?
I left mine around 2hrs and it was only to 60%.

Any feedback on my question above?
When the case is with 2/3 dots and not in power, the earbuds do not charge more than 60% however hours I keep them in the case.
When the case is 3/3 dots, the earbuds charge up to 100% in 2 hours.

Do you think it’s a faulty case?

My buds wont charge beyond 60% even if i keep them overnight

Will go ahead and give this to you.

Are you charging wireless or with the cable that came with it? Depending on the wireless option it may take longer if outputs are not strong enough.

If it is direct charge and they are fairly new, you should be able to contact services and see what options they could give to fix or potentially replace depending on where you bought the earbuds.

The product description claims that with a fully charged case, you can charge the earbuds 3 more times (giving ~21hrs). Mine, are charged two times fully (from 0 up to 100%) and the third time (at this point the case is with 2/3 dots on), they are charged only up to 60%. So, for me, a fully charged case can charge the earbuds 2.6 times instead of 3. From support they told me that such a deviation is normal. I don’t know what rest of people face.

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