Bear hunt for kids

Nice little positive article during these times

Seems like a fun activity for kids.

My house isn’t really visible from the road, just because of the way it’s situated- otherwise I would set this up.

Definitely some interesting ads on this website :joy:

lol. I love those tv ads for face cream. They show a sad wrinkled face, n after the smiling no wrinkled face. ( trying to hide the fact that the smiling was stretching the areas of wrinkles. ) lol

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Genau, those special “creams”.
Or use botox!
This makes you looking more young and fresh!

But this will not do anything with the old hands.

I would rather keep my natural enhancements than that. Lol

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Me too!
I know that I am the best looking man.
(But only here in the house…hehee)

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Nice little thing to do for the kids. Thanks for sharing @Duane_Lester