Beethoven's Symphony n° 10 finished by "AI"

Hope I can hear this “composition” in the near future.


I think AI could do some parts but will probably lack that emotional connection to the music.

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Its a nice experiment.
I think Ludwig wouldn’t have liked that way of completing!
He was extremely “strange” regarding his works. :laughing:

But he often used themes from some compositions in other ones.

There is completion by human :

It’s cool that it was completed. I don’t think anyone could do it justice. AI does a good job, but I agree with you I don’t think it has the emotional connection a human would give it.

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This is a really interesting experiment. I wonder if it is possible to create Symphony No. 11 in this way :joy:

I heard about this the other day on the local news. Quite interesting.

I’d say the first attempt may not be so good, and robotic perhaps :roll_eyes:, but if AI can lean how to play go, I’m sure after some iterations it’ll be able to do a better job at the music.


Don’t think anyone or anything can replace Beethoven.

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Me too, but why not to use AI to complete an incomplete work.

In the past there some of such “projects”.
What comes in my mind is the opera Turandot from Giacomo Puccini.
After Puccini’s death the opera was “finished” by Franco Alfano.

But in our days this complement is not often performed.

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