Being contacted on Facebook

I responded to a Soundcore post on Facebook.

My self and all the other responders are being asked to message someone but the persons profile suggests they don’t have any connection to Soundcore.

Anyone else had this?


Hey Roger, my advice would be to not interact with this user and only ever reply to the Soundcore page with the blue verified tick.

I have reported this user to Facebook, I recommend you also do the same.



I was looking at that too. I would not talk to them and report

I also had a similar situation. You have to be most careful when announcing the results of Soundcore contests and deals. Messages come in that you have won and you need to enter your details quickly or your prize will be forfeited and they will send it to someone else.
There is a lot of excitement then and it’s easy to become a victim of a scammer. I almost got scammed once.

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@Steve976 Be careful!
I’ve seen you on this page. I think someone is trying to deceive you


I don’t respond to this kind of thing.
Profile looks like it is a copy.

I never verify my bank details when requested, especially when I don’t have an account with them. :wink:


Sadly there are lots of people that want to be Soundcore. Weird timing though usually they only come out of hiding during giveaways trying to get peoples info

All the comments and shares on the Soundcore page are public. So by comment / share Soundcore you implicitly expressed interest in Soundcore.

Then any bad person will PM you saying you won, you’re highly likely to reply back.

Sufficient portion of folks don’t check and reply, the profits from that pay the wages to do it.

Ideally Soundcore would not use Social Media for likes / shares / comments.

I’ve just checked, the loophole of find followers seems closed.

What you can do is go into your Facebook privacy settings and decide if you want everyone to see everything. For example do you really need


Another tip is to have dedicated Facebook account just for Soundcore Facebook, so if you get an email not related to your Facebook page pretending to be from Soundcore, it’s obvious.


Thanks for the heads-up. I saw that person asked all of us to message her. I ignored it. I’ve been around the block a few times. She would have either messaged us or typed in the thread what she wanted. It smelled fishy to me.


@Steve976 Okay, I’m glad you felt “smelled fishy”. :joy:


Yikes, one can never be too careful. Especially if new to the community here.

I’m not a big fan of fakebook, so anything I see come my way from it is passed to the spam bin…

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Just like with Facebook, it is with e-mail. I have never had such a number of messages with a win - every day I "win":slightly_smiling_face:a few things, most often they are iPhones :joy: :rofl: .

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