Best Bluetooth speaker system from this brand?

What’s the best Bluetooth speaker with some clear highs and deep Bass from this brand? Need some in my life ASAP


How loud?

How portable?

Battery life matter?

I have the Motion+ , I find its sound quality is very good across entire frequencies and you can get two to give double the sound and stereo separation. It has tweeters and woofer for both ends of the sound.

Others highly rate the Motion Boom. It doesn’t have tweeters but is louder.

That would be the two to decide between. You can’t go wrong with either so it’s a portability, loudness decision. If portability is higher-up for you then Motion+, if loudness is higher-up then Motion Boom.

Also decide if you want one or two. Two gives stereo and twice the loudness but they have to be identical and it’s less risky if you buy them at the same time same shop. The effective loudness is more than double as on average you’re nearer the speakers with two.

Depends on many factors.

Where to use?
Your budget?
Partycast or TWS? (Two speakers needed)

I use two flare minis (TWS) in a 16 sqm room.
These are not expensive in comparison to other models. (Motion boom, Motion boom plus)

The power of volume is enough for such a small “pensioner’s home office”
I run them with 35% volume. in TWS mode
So this is really perfect (for me)

What ever you go for :
I would really recommend 2 speakers. (TWS)
Really much better than one if you want Stereo.

Partycast? I don’t know.
My daughter owns a Mini 3, which has partycast function.
I made a test yesterday with that speaker.
If one put the speaker on a location where the storage place has particular resonance function
it’s really great. ( I did on a wooden sideboard,)
This is caused by that special construction of this model.
One should remember the construction of violins, classicals guitar with their sounding board
The same principle.
But of course this tiny speaker is only for tiny rooms. :smiley: