Best Charging way

How are you?
I would like to inquire about the best way to charge my (Liberty air 2 pro) Airbus,

Should i charge it after battery be empty?
Should to starting in charge it before battery be empty?

Thanks in advance

The software of the device indicates to charge it.
If so do it.

Another problem is leaving the item somewhere.for a long time.
The battery could drain totally (deep discharge)
and there is the danger of destroying the battery

I understand from that its conditions imposed on the condition of charging a state when the first lamp starts flashing (ie the battery is less than 10%) Second: Should I leave the item on the charger until the battery is full? Or do I have to not leave it until it reaches 100%?

That’s not easy to respond.
There are different “philosophies” around.
Some say 100% some say 80%.
Do a research by Google.

I do not really use a potential indicator to charging earbuds.

Will use and as I see the case, I know I am at about 20 percent or so. I will do a charge of the case after a charge of the buds. Usually I will just let the case charge as needed and if it during the night, I will take them off before I go to bed.

As stated some will say you may have so many charges to a case. The good thing is that soundcore has started selling some of their cases for like 30percent of their retail price if ever needed.

Hope they are enjoyable to you for a long time…