Best Earbuds Of All Time.. Liberty 3 Pro

Hello soundcore community!!! Been rocking the 3 pro for about a month now and just gotta share couple thoughts. These are absolutely amazing I mean it’s unreal what these things can do… in my opinion. My only initial gripe was the transparency mode which was fixed with update about 2 weeks after owning . Made a huge improvement. Dec 2019 I got the liberty 2 pro as last ditch effort with earbuds … was totally disappointed in ones prior sony xm3 jabra 75t jaybird Vista remember my brother sent me link to flossy carter’s review on the 2 pro and they happened to be on sale for 109.99 at the time so ordered em and as soon as I got them they blew me away. I used those daily without issue up until about 2 months ago. Afyer using the life a2nc and others along with knowing these were on the way soon after seein some posts I went out on a limb and sold them but those till I got these were my overall favorite but In that time I also continued to use and try some others and the whole while almost felt like I was cheating on soundcore lol cuz I loved the 2 pro that much along with the life a2 nc. Needless to say sony xm4 edifier neobuds pro bose quietcomfort samsung galaxy buds pro sennheiser momentum 2 master dynamic mw07+ earfun free pro earfun free pro oluv edition earfun free pro 2 soundpeats t2 and some others I’m forgetting
but here’s what I have found when comparing to all those. The 3 pro are on a whole nother level for the better. Sound I’m hearing more instruments vocals than any other pair like right now as I write this I have Rory Gallagher’s song Walk On Hot Coals live Irish tour 74 and that is what has caused me to finally sit down and write this. From his guitar to the piano to every beat of drums and to the bass everything is there and it absolutely shines. Nothing is missing . The best way to describe it is like all these earbuds I’ve tried wrapped into 1. They’re very similar to the liberty 2 pro but they are cleaner brighter and just to my ears I’m hearing even more. The 3 pro make every other pair on my list sound… boring! No joke … to my ears the momentum 2 which many rave about which is why I finally grabbed them but they to me are like a 89 Ford Taurus and the 3 pro are like a 2021 corvette !! Anc wise the only pairs better and I can hardly tell would be the xm4 and quietcomfort I’d say the transparency on xm4 and the galaxy buds pro are slightly also better but after update these are right there. Volume wise the only pair I’ve owned that get this loud if ya want em to are the 2 pro but I’d say these are just as loud which anyone who has either knows the power the 2 pairs have… it’s unreal. Will add At my job I’m in and out of businesses for first 2.5 hrs of my route then I’m out on my own in all the elements that come with living in Minnesota. Yesterday was prime example minus 2 windy and snowing and all the while I’m out there for 7 hrs I have these earbuds in under my winter hat and Hoodie over that and they literally had me enjoying what otherwise would have been a dreadful day at work. I cannot express the joy that comes with owning and using these earbuds. My curiosity and joy for audio products is what has caused me to try a lot of others over the last 2.5 yrs and after all those pairs and using a lot of the same songs to test them and using at work or at home mowing lawn snowblowing driveways etc or just having jam sessions tryin to pick songs apart is why Im sharing my thoughts… These are easily and I mean EASILY the best sounding and feature rich pair of earbuds I have ever owned. Paired to my note 20 ultra even without ldac enabled they are amazing but switch over to Amazon HD or tidal hifi and enable ldac and they Def do somehow get better. Technology is crazy to me Either way tho ldac or not these would still be number 1 and I’d be more than happy listening that way to YouTube music app but people if you have a chance to grab these do yourself a favor and Def get them. I seriously cannot recommend them enough. You wanna play some master p burbons and Lacs and feel bass in your chest these do that or ya wanna play some pantera 5 minutes alone and blow your eardrums out these do that or if ya wanna pick apart songs and hear them like never before these most definitely do that! Soundcore you guys and girls hit a homerun here. As I stated above and know afyer using many and also watching and reading a lot of reviews I know how earbuds sound and how well anc or transparency work it really does come down to how well they fit your ears and how good of seal you get with the eartips. For me the largest wings and eartips work best for me but I did add the cp360 xl just cuz I had them lol but for me not much difference other than they look cool but if provided tips that came with em don’t work well I’d Def recommend the cp360’s. I don’t know much other than I’m truly blessed . My wife and 3 kiddos are my whole world this may I will celebrate 11 yrs without a drink and my life continues to get better. Be thankful be kind and be respectful to others that’s what it’s all about. Sorry to get off topic there but had to share that too. When it comes to earbuds if you want the best sound. The best fit… the best overall package there is not a better pair available today. Soundcore my strayin and tryin other earbuds and losing couple bucks in doin so is done. Till the next pair liberty 4 pro come these are where it’s at. I will end with this if you own the liberty 2 pro and absolutely do not need phenomenal anc and transparency you’re sitting darn good but these do sound better they are Def cleaner brighter and they’re just downright mean all the while sounding absolutely beautiful :heart_eyes:!!! Also the 2 pro big reason too I tried others was because of my job I always found myself when working I’d have to take 1 out or sometimes while jamming I’d have a customer behind me trying to ask me something and came close to prolly 3 or 4 heart attacks when I turned around and they were there ahahahahaha so transparency is a must !! These work flawlessly for that. Anyway sorry for long post people hope any and all who see this are well and healthy !!! Hope 2022 is a great year for each and every one of you along with your friends and family!!! Take care soundcore community!!! Gonna add few photos the grey are nicest looking earbuds I’ve laid eyes on love the look altho that’s least important when buying earbuds but they do look awesome and lastly lastly green grass and hightides by the outlaws man that song too those guitars are just screaming but if ya get a chance I’d check this jam out here and for overall listening this is my favorite setting for eq.


Appreciate the share of your review of these earbuds. Nice

I want to give a positive criticism that I had a while back. If possible add lines in between some of your discussion in your topic to create different paragraphs.

This will help people focus on what you are saying. Plus as some of your readers are getting older it help them not to lose focus as well.

The photos are pretty nice as well. Those are a nice color of l3pro


I would never use such one.
But of course you can do! :smile:

Great that you like these.

btw : I would add some empty lines to create paragraphs in the text.
Same as Duane proposed.
Much better for reading!:smile:


Totally agreed, amazing n superb sound quality :+1:
Your EQ tuning is even more “extreme” than mine, will try it for a blast :boom:
Would like to ask for your advise is it good enough to get liberty 2 pro in term of sound quality if budget concern (would like to recommend my friend to get a pair) if anc transparency multiple connection etc are not a concern. Thanks


Hello @Pantera43 :wave:t2:
it’s good to see you back in the community.
I am glad to be able to read your review, which I have been waiting for a long time. It’s unbelievable that you’ve found something better than Liberty 2 Pro. But if you write like that, that’s how it certainly is :slightly_smiling_face:.
I read everything with the greatest interest.

Thank you and wish you a happy and healthy New Year 2022 :fireworks: with the perfect sound of Liberty 3 Pro :smiley: !


Nice review @Pantera43. We are in agreement about the L3P. Excellent Earbuds! I highly recommend them! :+1:


You always give great advice here buddy!!! I was tired last night and been tryin to find Lil time to share I should have shortened it and just got points across but guess that’s how I feel about em lol :laughing:

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No shortening, but structured!
That would be great.

I always appreciate your replies and input too that super nice a you and know it was little long and un proper prolly lot of misspelled words etc but to simplify there is not a pair on the market I’d take over these … if I could pick any pair I’d pick these and no I haven’t tied the mwo8 or pi7 nor will I ever pay 400 for a pair when these would still prolly sound better… take care tho sodjka and as always thank you!!!


Next time Chiquinho I will give better effort and possibly even have my wife go over it first ahahahaha she’s best at this type a stuff!!! Happy new year tho buddy!!!


Oh ABSOLUTELY THEY ARE!!! For 100 bucks they’re unreal and one reviewer I follow besides El jefe and dhrme and couple others is gamesky… he added em to his top 5 under 100 bucks but those earbuds are phenomenal and one thing I Def liked better on those vs the 3 pro is the buttons on top of earbuds mainly for when I’m wearin a stockin cap at work they just work better and for me were easier to use!!! Also ya get soundcores app with the 2 pro to customize sound however ya want … if transparency mostly wasn’t a must for me at work I’d still be rockin the 2 pro and they in my opinion smoke the air 2 pro for sound air 2 pro are good but liberty 2 pro are on another level soundwise

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For me, the content is the most important thing, not the way of writing. Thanks again for your opinion. I have always believed that when Pandora43 says something is good, it must be good. What is important to me is that you write to the word after hours of use and that you compare them with many other reputable products from other companies.

I am now delighted with my new purchase: Motion Boom. A really good speaker - I recommend it!

Happy New Year :fireworks: !

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