Best eq settings for metal?

The presets piano, classic and acoustic seems to be better for metal but I don’t know, can I get a suggestion for a custom eq for metal? I have a q30. I listen death, black, trash, heavy and way down to classic rock.

I do not really use the EQ as much as I should and probably not the best to respond. I think some of it is a user preferences.

If you search for EQ, I think there is a thread or two about a specific EQ from some guy that they were trying to use.

It may take a little longer but you can use the custom eq to tweak the music to how you like it and if you have one of their earbuds with the the hearing test, you can always try to emulate that eq and to see if it will help on the headset.

I have not checked my q30s but I know on the P3 the soundcore signature has a bass up on it now which I have not notice until a little bit ago.

If thinking out loud, I think they should allow you to copy several Eq to custom and then tweak them to what you may want to hear more. (minus the soundcore signature)