Best headphones For both Metal and Other genres

Just curious if anyone knows of any good over ear headphones for listening to Death metal, I love low end but I also love having my high a little high as well but not more than the low end when it comes to metal, other genres I enjoy high low end and little high on the high ends! Any suggestions would help and it can even be a different brand!

You can do a lot by using a good equalizer.
The more frequencies one can adjust the better, but the more complicated.:grin:
One have to play around really a lot.

We mostly speak about Soundcore products here, so I would suggest to choose between Life Q30 and Life Q35

As a girl who loves metal and lots of other genres I can say I agree whole heatedly with @Chiquinho its more about the equalizer. Once I find a headphone that I am comfortable with , which is very hard because i do not like things on my head, I find that with different types of music i play with bass , treble and mid ranges until something sounds good to me
On a side note what is your favorite metal band, I like disturbed, breaking ben, avenge sevenfold to name a few