Best Soundcore Gifs

Hey does anyone have Soundcore GIFs they want to share? If not, make some! Here’s one I made a while ago. I call it “Thor’s Icon”:


Feel free to share your GIFs here. Even if they aren’t Souncore :slight_smile:

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Definitely need more of these

I didn’t make some for anker products, but none for soundcore. I will definitely make some this week.

Leap of faith towards Flare Series… Best gif from Soundcore



Thats a pretty cool gif. Only thing missing would be a jbl or bose stereo in the small bowl.

I hope the fish makes it!

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Uploaded the gif on gallery, missed to add it here… my kids and me at the pool with the pool buddy Flare Mini

thanks @gANKstER for reminding :slight_smile: :+1:


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Someone had too much time on there hands :joy:

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The fish did make it… Turned into a Soundcore Icon Mini :rofl:



First of all, @techman, it’s their

Secondly, I didn’t have time, I had an ICON on my hands :laughing:

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Someone spent to much time listening in grammar class :rofl:

That’s too much time. Someone also has an undergraduate degree in English. I wasn’t just listening in grammar class, I was teaching grammar class :nerd_face:

@techman gets a D! :grin:

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I wish I could see the satisfying splash, slow motion…
Nice orange there though!

I know, I did it just go annoy you :stuck_out_tongue:

That to annoy you…

Dangit you did it again!

@TechMan used to correct spellings and grammar of other ppl, what happened to him now?

He fell off the grammar wagon :laughing: