Best soundcore speaker

Which is the best soundcore outdoor speaker now?


Not a speaker buy but they do have a bunch of good ones. What kind are you looking for?

Motion boom Plus. But if that’s too much portable Bluetooth speaker for your you can go all the way down to their smallest anker-soundcore bt speaker for 22$. And the. You have a handful in between. So if your question is what is the best. I say the newest motion boom plus (it’s also the loudest portable waterproof speaker they have though. Too) they also have party speakers that are straight up boxes of led lights and huge sound like the “Rave party 2”. Bringing you 120w. Or they have soundcore motion +. All depends on what you consider the best. They have several more too

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I actually think the Motion Boom sounds better than the Motion Boom+ and it’s less money.

PS I’m not the only one that thinks that.


Agree to disagree , I have both. I definitely prefer the latest edition. Motion Boom plus :call_me_hand:, it’s all listener preference I suppose

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I have listened to the Boom+ and the treble sounded off to my ears. I’m not sure if it’s low quality tweeters, bad crossover, bad placement, or the firmware. If it’s the firmware, then that could be fixed.

In the end I’d recommend someone getting 2 Booms instead of 1 Boom+. If you get a decent sale, the price difference isn’t that much and you get TWS where you can have a nice little system.

PS I was really looking forward to the Boom+ and it was disappointing when I heard it. On top of that I thought it wold weigh more for it’s size. Probably needs a bigger battery as well.

Am I first person you have heard this stuff from?

I’m very happy with motion boom +… Sound quality is great and the EQ can be customized to listener preference… Bass can be felt, treble is clear and not tinny… mids much better after tuning in EQ…

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Does it give warm sound like m+


I don’t own an m+ for a fair auditory comparison between motion boom+ & m+… That being said I own two stereo paired Tribit sound Go & an AltecLansing HydraBoom… The motionboom+ has a much richer, balanced sound… It’s loud but clear at any volume… I’m impressed


If you’re looking for a party speaker I would say rave neo or neo 2 even rave party. But for everyday speaker use I would go with Motion boom+

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I just ordered the Tribit StormBox Blast… I’m addicted to these portable speakers & the sound they produce… I’ll post my initial reactions to the Tribit StormBox Blast when I receive it… Got it directly from Tribit for $149 + free shipping… Had a minor issue paying with my credit card on their site, but it’s cleared up now…