Best Soundcore TWEs in terms of sound quality

Hey guys!

I have the L2Ps and was wondering if there are any other Soundcore TWEs that sound better (only looking at sound quality and at least have an IP rating). I love my L2Ps and am looking forward in expanding my collection.

Thank you!

The question “sound is better” can not be answered so easily.
There are many facts playing a role.
The type of music, your hearing ability.
Some like crisp sound some like more basses.
for example : I have to change the eqs when changing my speakers.

Every speaker model (earbuds the same) has a special characteristic sound, not even because different speaker are installed, of course the software is different and differently adjusted.

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Agee that it is hard to say as well. I think with the L2p that soundcore upped their earbud device making. Each has something for everyone. Q35s are very good as well as the q30 for a cheaper version. You also have the air 2 pros n p3. Although I do not the p3 yet, theylook good.
You can also throw in the L2P+ and you have a neat set of devices to pick from.

Out of all the earbuds I have used from soundcore sound wise they are all great. Anything with app access will sound great when you customize it to your liking. It really comes down to the style of earbud you like. (Stem, traditional bud, or like the liberty 2 pros.)

Yes, definitely agree with you guys that a lot of factors come into play… especially music genre. And the eq settings do make a big difference! :slight_smile:

Would it be a correct question to ask which buds has the most “balanced” profile? I’m aware the L2Ps are bass and tremble heavy, and you can modify the EQ, but would you guys know which buds deliver a more “flat/balanced” sound?

Thanks for your reply guys! I really appreciate it. :slight_smile:

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I dont use earbuds, but there are member who own quite a collection meanwhile.
I am sure there are differences.
May be they can answer your question.

But regarding the speakers.
Each has a very characteristic sound for me.
I am listening to classical music the most time.
I like the motion + (tweeters = crispy sound)

Soundcore is known for being a bass loving brand but I would say the liberty air series would be what you are looking for.

There is the upgraded L2P that just came out. The L2P is still the only ones with the fancy Astrid coaxial architecture which is what supposedly helps give them such great sound. It’s hard to recommend headphones based on sound when it differs from person. All the ones that have all support make it easy to customize to your preference and some also have hi res certifications

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Definitely the Soundcore Liberty 2 Pro’s. I have Sony’s WF1000XM3’s along with wireless buds from several manufacturers. My go to buds are definitely the LP2’s when I go out!! An older model but one that is the best sounding after a brief burn in period and with the least amount of tech!! Plain and simple proves superior to Catchy and complicated it seems!