Best Workout Earbuds

Back in February I got married to my amazing wife, but since then I’ve neglected the gym for about 6 months (woops!). I’m now the unfittest I’ve been for about 8 years and, as depressing as that sounds, I’m determined to get back on the horse (or the treadmill).

I’ve been using Liberty Neo for my workouts, which have been working great for me. Not only are they completely wireless, but they’re a solid build to withstand the ungodly amount of sweat I produce (seriously I don’t know what’s wrong with me). They’re super comfortable and the sound quality is good, too, which is great for TWS earbuds in this price range.

Better yet, Liberty Neo just made it into the Top 10 for Linus Tech Tips test on the 50 “cheap” wireless earbuds! Check it out here.

What audio equipment accompanies your workout?


I like having the hooks around my ears while working out, so I like the SoundCore Spirit X. It gives me some extra assurance that they won’t fall out while running outside.

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I loved my spirit x, used them even when I went swimming. Great all around sound, but once I got the Sport air, those became my new favorite to use. It offers deeper bass and just generall all around better sound.


Soundcore Spirit X have been my best workout earbuds, water resistant, also use those for the trail walks, very comfortable on ears!


I eventually have some tws buds, maybe with the new liberty or new neo, something might happen! lol


My go to earbuds for workouts are the Spirit X, superb hold even during crazy HIIT workouts and certainly hold their own against sweat (dumbbells are a different matter :grin:)

Not had chance to get my hands on the Neo’s yet and based on previous hold for the Liberty+ not certain if they would become my go to…so kinda on the fence with true wireless ones at present :raised_hands:


@ndalby the Neos are much better than the liberty+ in terms of staying in ear. But while they sound ok, they are not the greatest. And while I lived the Spirit x, the Sport Air is much better due to the larger driver and frequency range.

Read quite a few reviews that the fit is better but I guess I’m still in the ‘once bitten twice shy’ bracket regarding them. Probably will take the plunge on the Neo’s or the Liberty Air at some point though as I’ve been testing two other models (from other brands) and they have held up well :slightly_smiling_face:

Yeah, I haven’t been able to pull the trigger on true wireless headphones because I’m afraid to lose them.

I use the liberty X and the Liberty air when I “work out” :joy:

I love seeing all the familiar faces here! :slight_smile:

I love my Spirit X’s for working out! I will use my Soundcore Life NC for hiking or some outdoor activities so I can use the transparency feature and hear bears coming up behind me!

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You need a profile picture, I almost didn’t recognize you :rofl:

Hope this is better :smiley:

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do you ever find that the hooks aren’t large enough or bother your ears?

I H A T E ear hooks. They hurt my ears soo much, mind so do my hearing aids, and as such don’t use.

Can not use those plug ins.
Get pains from those.
So I use the old styled ones.

Regarding the ones with hooks:
When wearing glasses, do they fit too?

Same here.

Exactly. I feel like my ears would be raw after a workout.

Exactly. I like that they are snug but sometimes they can be too tight.

Spirits x as stated by a lot here. I even went swimming in them or playing with the kids. Underwater pic in gallery