Beta test question

Has anyone on here ever did a beta test for Soundcore earbuds what was it like

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You should make the test not we. :smile:

You “met the criteria” so you have been selected by soundcore.
Hope you are able to do a proper test by yourself indeependently…
Otherwise you should tell soundcore about.

We were always wondering what the criteria are.
We dont know,
There are many here who could do perfect tests but never have been selected.

Besides getting the earbuds or headphones to test and app support, I figure all may be different.

As far as testing it is probably just an independent testing with limited admin directed testing (my guess)

From my job that does some testing stuff, I will say a few things to maybe help you.

  1. Test how it should work correctly. Use the box’s bullet points and test each of those if it is able to be tested.

  2. I would try to test things it should not do once you get the hang of the device. (Try to continue to play music while the buds are closed up in the box.

  3. Focus on what you may be doing when testing something specific. It will make it easier to replicate for their techs with a step by step of how the issue is happening. Make sure to provide enough info as well (OS- Apple or Android). If somebody gets an issue then retest what is happening with them in the other OS if possible or to verify it is not just them.

  4. Have fun with it all. If you do a decent testing, I would think you could get another invitation for a different device later on.

Good luck and hope it is a cool device.

I have in the past. I thought it was a good experience.

What did you test did you get to keep it

I Beta Tested the Liberty 3 Pro and yes I was able to keep them.

How is the liberty pro 3

How was the process of doing the beta test

Did you have to pay anything

Did you have to pay anything to do the test

They are my favorite Soundcore Earbuds. I really like them!

I enjoyed it. hey give you a questioner to fill out. I also went back and forth with them on my findings during my testing.

No. You are doing a service for the company. In return I got to keep the product as compensation. I have a long background in Sound and Electronics, so I thought it was more than fair from Soundcore’s perspective.

How long did it take you to receive the product and how did it work on getting it

From the time I was notified I had been selected, I’d say it was a week or 2 (from memory - it was awhile ago).

Overall they worked fine, but there were a few things that needed adjustments, which is why they Beta Test in the first place.

When do they let you know the name of the earbuds that you will be testing

Why so many questions? I’ve been a good sport so far, but I have to admit, I’m wondering why you are so curious?

PS I didn’t find out exactly what I was testing until I received it.

I knew at this beta test thing

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Can’t wait to try out the new product

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Thank you you have been a very big help

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You’re welcome! I hope it goes well for you. Good luck!

Thank you I have the liberty pro 2 upgraded version love them