Bigger eartips for Liberty Air 2 Pro?

Hi all!

Got mine today, but looks like even XXL eartips is small for me.
Cant get solid seal between the ear and an earbud.
Am i doing something wrong, or my ear canals are too big?

I’m not sure. I have the Liberty Air 2 Pro and I’m getting a good seal with the Medium size tips. Here’s a video that shows how to pick the proper size tips. Maybe it will help.

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Well first of all everyone’s ears are different so there is nothing wrong with yours just with the ear tips provided. Also make sure you are putting them in your ears correctly they almost turn into your ears to fit and this can make a big difference. My advice is to reach out to support they might be able to help you. I would give the largest ones a try for a little but if you find they aren’t comfortable then there are always custom Sergio replacements for cheap on Amazon

@Steve976 Interesting video - thanks for sharing.

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Thanks @Steve976 now I’ll have that jingle stuck in my head for a bit…

As for the fit, @mihai888 I’d suggest trying the fit test to check (maybe you did already?)

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@TheSnarkyOne Don’t you just hate when that happens. :laughing:

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Unsure of if your eartips are too big or not.

I find these are more airpodish in some of the fit vs some of the other earbuds. I find that these do sit less in the ear canal than other soundcore earbuds. It is more about the seal of the eartip over the ear canal.

Are you using the seal tool to determine if the current tips are a good seal in the ear?

Tried all of the included eartips.
All the tests failed!
Found the biggest eartips from my old Anker SondBuds Flow, - much better.
But still not awesome, want bigger once. But biggest problem - They don`t fit in to a charging case. So no charge with them.
Will write to the support. Maybe they will help.