Billboard Music Award Results

I’m happy that Post won so many awards, but I’m still on the fence about his new hairstyle or should I say lack of hair

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I kind of gave up on some of the different award shows and some sports venues. I get tired of all the political overtones in them anymore. I think they can do what they want on their own time but as I am always told, you do not need to bring that to work.

Nice to see Post multi win. Almost one for each finger lol


It isn’t quite in the headline, but when the immediate subheader includes encouragement to vote, you know this was a political event.

I never got into award shows to start with - the sports thing has been enough of an issue that I don’t watch things I would have watched before.

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Yep I agree politics should not be brought up in any of these award shows!

I want to be entertained and forget about life other than to hear it every day. It get sad not being able to watch stuff like this.

I do try to watch the Country Music awards as I do not think they do much or if any political talk during their show.

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Not gonna lie I’m not a big award show person I think the only one my family really watches is the country music one and even that doesn’t always get our full attention

As you say - it is a chance to zone out from all the other stuff.

It doesn’t even matter that much what the opinions are - agree or disagree, it distracts from the pleasure of watching intense competition and sends my mind thinking about other things again.

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Agree totally… If I am listening to music, I want just music. If I want sports, I want just sports. If I want politics, I can open a newspaper or I guess Facebook. Most times nowadays, I just want the music.

One of the good point about the 3 communities. No politics, just music, soundcore or anker and their tech items.

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I can understand the artists need/ desire to use various platforms to achieve other goals besides just the music. For the longest time, music shows and events have had political overtones (Woodstock for example).

When an artist has a large fan base or sphere if influence I cannot find fault if they are trying to use it for better / worse. Can’t say I enjoy them doing it, and detracting form what I came to see, but if I’m a fan of the artist, I’d know t expect that.

Agree with @Duane_Lester, don’t bring it to work, unless that is your work… akin to U2 and Bono’s political leanings.

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100% agree with what you are saying. I don’t want politics in these other avenues…

Now, I will say, I have seen in the past music shows performances that as my kids would say are cringe worthy.