Birthday present

I have suggested this at ANKER forum.
We all have our birth date stored here, I suppose.
It is easy to create a script to detect those “birthday childs”
and donate them some points (Giveaway eg)
What do you think about?


Thought about that here recently but then forgot about it. nice idea

Excellent idea :clap:

some giveaway tickets or notes …

Plus with the birthday data available Anker / Soundcore can send targeted emails with discounts or sales events targeted to these users… more sales … :+1:


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Such would be nice gesture.
Very easy to create by the data base they have.

Other companies do.
Even a simple email, automatically created is OK.

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Target sends a 10% off on birthday, Chick-fil-A , Starbucks & iHOP have birthday goodies (Target and Starbucks are my favorites and tend to only use these offers)

may be Anker / Soundcore can do something on these lines…

10~15% off coupon , plus Notes / Giveaway tickets would be awesome!!!

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Yes something like that.
There are many “presents” can be donated easily this way.
But not the “value” is important, its more the gesture of friendship.

Happy Birthday @Chiquinho Yes, discount codes do help sometimes. At least you can share them with others and more sales to Soundcore/Anker at the end.


Good idea @Chiquinho and congrats again on your birthday :beers:

(seem to recall birthday ‘gifts’ being one of the perks originally touted on the Anker community but never came around)


Thank you Neil!
Not so much a perk or a gift, a nice gesture as I mentioned at the other forum.
Easy to create.
How to explain?
A kind of personal care.
You all know what I mean! :wink:

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Yes, it would be fantastic to celebrate my birthday on a high “note”.

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Happy birthday @Chiquinho

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