Black friday 2019

Alright everybody, BLACK FRIDAY is only a few weeks away. Post your deals here. Also, what are you hoping to find?

Personally, I still haven’t gotten a Liberty Pro 2!!! I was so close, but got vultured on the opening month competition. So I’m looking for a doorbuster on that one.

The major retailers are already releasing their advertisements. I haven’t seen any soundcore products yet…

Let me know when you find them here! also, what are you hoping for?!?!


Great idea for a thread :+1:t2:

Gf wants a new electric toothbrush for Xmas, these are normally on offer so will pick one up then.

I will be on the look out for that one, at least for you @gANKstER and @k_pug2003

Excellent idea for a post!! It should become hub for all deals​:ok_hand:t2::+1:t2:

Great idea. Last year if I remember correctly Anker posted all their brand deals the week of Thanksgiving.

For me I’m looking to get some deals on some software, photography gear, and possibly a deal on a smart watch.

I hope the Liberty Air 2 are going to release before Black Friday in Germany…

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Good idea.
I don’t need anything but I will ask the family.
And there will be wishes I suppose.

Anyone have any advance info on Soundcore’s Black Friday offerings?

I haven’t seen any flyers up yet…

On the Black Friday for Walmart, I think Rave Mini is on sale for about 100 dollars. So 49.99 dollars off.

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