Black Friday deals and swag

Soundcore website is showing their Super Deal ,Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals on their website.

As a bonus offering to the deals, there is a chance to gain win some swag when you buy something from these deals.

Two of the biggest points are

  1. This event is open to US residents only.
  2. To enter the swag giveaway, you must sign up before Nov 22nd, 2020 and make a purchase on by Dec 7th, 2020.

Great share I saw this as well in an email from Soundcore so should be exciting

Cool idea. I am not sure swag will change many purchase decisions, but hopefully nudge a few into pulling the trigger.

Cool to know that they are selling swag now.

“US residents only.”

For the purpose of this contest, does living in Puerto Rico make you a US resident?

It’s US soil under US jurisdiction and we have US addresses with US zip codes. Shipping with USPS is domestic. I’ve ordered from your website before and been treated like a US customer. I’m thinking of buying a Motion+ on Cyber Monday and I’d like to know if I can enter the swag giveaway. With Puerto Rico you never know because we get treated differently by different people.

You probably want to check with Thus is the community.

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Some pretty nice deals, hope some translate across on

Thanks @Duane_Lester