Black Friday might start on Friday for a change

I doubt the stores will be crowded in the same way this year regardless of what they decide to do. But I see it as pure good news that they won’t be open on Thanksgiving, I have always hated that trend. And this is just an announcement to that effect, they haven’t actually changed anything for Black Friday yet.

The one sure thing is that Amazon will be all over it, no matter what else is happening.

I don’t mind if stores cancel thursday sales in store since it results in a lot of unnecessary buying anyway. Besides a lot of deals can be taken advantage of online so why even bother going and risking it with Covid-19 around

Going online for Black Friday shopping is always better, why rush into stores to fight people over electronics and stuff

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Yeah I can’t even count how many years that the online options of Black Friday shopping has been far superior than in brick and mortar. Then there is only a handful of true door buster deals that are instore, but then again are some of them really deals when they are specifically made for that day (speaking mostly about the TV’s)? Then you throw in COVID-19 and see how people can maintain 6 feet of distance :rofl:

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