Blake Shelton & Gwen Stefani - music and life collab

Being a viewer of the voice, I thought this was interesting about two of the coaches… After dating for 5 years, and dropping an album in 2019, it’s about time Mr. Shelton popped the question. No doubt great timing…

If you haven’t heard their song “Nobody but you” I’ve put a link below. I currently have this on both of my playlists (Spotify and prime music). Guess there is a reason why Blake is one of the top country music artists. Hope you enjoy.

I was so happy to hear they got engaged. I love seeing them on the voice

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It’s a nice song :notes:

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The music is all good, and glad they are happy - but dating for 5 years?

Strange choice of timing to me.

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Busy people and combined families, so may seem like long time… but probably worked out for the best