Blue light wont go off in soundbuds rise bluetooth earphones

The blue light on my soundcore rise bluetooth earphones wont go off. The earphones are not paired or connected to any device. I also tried to switch off the earphones by pressing and holding the play button. I am able to hear the ‘turning off’ sound but the blue light still wont go off.

Looking at the manual here: (scroll down to the bottom of the page)

The solid blue LED will be lit when:

  1. The unit is connected to the charger/cable and the battery is full (regardless of if they’re paired or not)
  2. The unit is paired to a device

You say that it’s solid blue when NOT paired or connected to any device. What happens when you actually pair it to a device? Do they operate normally?

Yes, they operate normally. Sound, calling, pairing, etc everything is normal. Except that the blue light does not go off even if it is unpaired and not connected to charger.

I don’t know if there’s a verified reset procedure but I found this in one of the topics here (not related to the LED NOT turning off but a reset is mentioned):

Try resetting them as below (quoted from above link)

Reset the Soundbuds Lite - hold the Volume + and - buttons for about 4~5 seconds, it will reset and go into pairing mode. Try to forget the connection on your phone if you already had it paired sometime in the past. Turn off and turn on BT on your Smartphone and pair with Soundbuds Lite.

If that doesn’t work, leave them on and connected to a device playing audio for a period of time to fully drain the battery. Then recharge and see if the condition persists.

You may want to contact Soundcore support directly from the page below (this is the US page):