Bluetooth connection problem between Samsung S20FE and Soundcore Life Q30

Hi there,

I’m having trouble connecting my new pair of Life Q30 to my Samsung S20FE. I had another pair of Q30’s before this one and they worked just fine.

The problem: my S20FE sees the headphone but can’t connect with it as it writes «App is required … ». I’ve downloaded the Soundcore app and I do see the Q30’s but I’m unable to go through the pairing process because nothing appears when I click on the headphones.

I’ve tried removing all other Bluetooth devices from my phone.
I’ve tried reseting connection settings.
I’ve tried rebooting my phone.
I’ve tried rebooting the headphones.

All of the above did not work. As anyone else had the same problem and if so, is there a solution ?

There was trick. - >
first connect to the app and then to the phone.
Or the other way. :smiley:
But there should be a connection possible without using the app.
There is no need to use the app.
But the others here should know better. :laughing:
I dont have those headphones and I never used that app.

I did not use the app either with my old pair. But now it wont work one way or the other. :frowning:

I would try to connect the Q30 with a laptop or PC.
It should work without any app, because there are no such ones.
But you should wait, because there might be better help from others who know it much better than I do.

Yeah it does work with my Mac … But the problem is with my phone :slight_smile:

Look up how to change A2DP Hardware Offload

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Hi @The_Professor ! It worked :open_mouth: I had to restart my phone after but it does work now!! Thanks a lot !

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