Bluetooth cutting out

I’ve had a pair of Liberty Pro 3s for a few days now. Everything was working great at home and out walking with my dog. Today I brought them to work, which is mainly where I want to use them, but the Bluetooth connection was constantly cutting in and out. It was unusable. I sit in front of a laptop with multiple screens, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi both off on the laptop. There is building wifi, but that shouldn’t cause this kind of trouble. I started out the day using LDAC. I thought that was the problem at first, but switching it off didn’t help. Anyone else have this issue? I really like the earbuds, but if I can’t get this fixed they are of very limited use to me. I should also mention that my older Raycon Bluetooth earbuds did not have this problem while working in the same environment.

This is probably due to to bluetooth channels congestion as you moved to a denser environment.

You mention worked at home - was that the same laptop as you used in office?

You mentioned walking dog - was that the same device as you used at office?

Is the only thing different is the identical laptop / phone used in a different location?

You’re showing as USA - correct? There’s a few countries have fewer channels.

Yes Wifi can interfere as it diffracts. As does a generally congested area.

Best you can do is lower your needs for bandwidth, so move from LDAC auto to LDAC 330. Also help yourself locally via (if you can) move Wifi to 5Ghz. If don’t know how then reply.

Thanks for the reply. I did a reset on the earbuds and paired them up again to my phone. That appears to have resolved the issue. The last 2 hours after resetting I had no cutouts even using LDAC.


I glad your issue solved.

I’m happy to see a reset solved your problem. The L3P are my favorite Earbuds! :+1: