Bluetooth out on my PC - what's the best solution for my A3951 earbuds?

I am having issues with my desktop (win 11) bluetooth that I have not been able to fix. What can I buy to plug into my computer’s audio or USB and easily connect to my earbuds? Thanks, David.

A bt-dongle will do.
But no idea what to use.
May be some users here got such one and have tested it
I don’t úse WIN, I so happy not to have to! :smile:

But have you tried to install the driver from the manufacturer of your built in bt card instead of that given from MS by default?
This often solves some issues.

At firat I would try to update bt driver. It it will not help yry to seach for bt dongle.

I updated the bt driver, but that did not work. BT is not on the device manager list. It just disappeared yesterday.

If it’s a Windows PC you can try the Go Back/Restore feature. Id try to go back to when it was last there if not a little before.

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Oh Mann.
Windoofs and its issues.
I am so glad I dont have to use this horrible OS!.:laughing:

But I understand, most devices got that MS-OS pre installed and if it works somehow no one change it.

But one should remember its possible to install a LINUX system beside your MS-OS.
So one can choose by the boot manager What OS will be booted.
Best chance to test both and play around with.

I don’t have any issues with mine. I’m still on Windows 10 though.

Mine is a Dell, probably ~5 years old running an Intel I7. It does everything I ask it to without issue. It’s a Media Server. I have it hooked up to my Big Screen and stereo. I’ve honestly been quite pleased with it.

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When working at the university I had to use all OS, when testing our software.
But now retired I get rid of MS-OS.
Could not afford those “modern, expensive devices” to get MS-OS working there perfectly.
Or can you imagine to use WIN11 on a 10 years old laptop?
Not possible:
I even don’t believe that that MS-OS will let you install the WIN11 on an old device.
That’s the way MS makes money, but NOT MINE! :laughing:

My last purchase was a thinkpad T420S,
INTEL i5 2,5 ghz, 8GB Ram and 128 SSD.
I suppose its about 10 years old.
That’s a perfect machine for me.
I got all I want incl. that great PulseEffects I was talking about

You know I use to listen to internet radio stations so a system wide eq is more than welcome for me
Steve, If you get your hands on an old laptop try LINUX.
I will help you of course if there happens as problem.

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Sounds like a plan. Thanks @Chiquinho. :+1:

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Its more than a “project” Steve! :laughing:
I have convinced even my old doc to use such a LINUX-device at home.
(In his medical praxis it’s not possible all software is occupied by MS :rage:)
LINUX : Free from all that virus protectors, scanners etc. which are decreasing the performance when running all the time as a background process.
Have you ever checked what kind and how many of such processes are stealing performance power of your device.
There are some which can be deleted.
But don’t ask me which, because I am totally out of WIN. :laughing:

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