Bluetooth Upgrade

Not sure if this is a good idea or not, but after purchasing Liberty Air 2’s a remarkable idea came to me… would it be possible, in the future builds, to add a 3mm jack and Bluetooth TX inside the charging case? It would be revolutionary for Nintendo Switch and PC users or anyone really to be able to just Bluetooth to to the case and plug the case into any device you want to listen to. I know its backwards thinking but really it would be awesome to have it all in one and paired with Ankers awesome batteries, im sure it would be able to last a long time as well as charge at the same time as TX.

Interesting concept.

I think a better idea would be to make it so the actual buds can be plugged in to a headphone jack.

thats also a neat idea. im not really a fan of wires these days but if it were the only way, i would lol

I think it would be easy to implement. You could use the charging contacts along with magnets to make and easy connection.

I think the ears buds are so dense with other electronics that adding a wired connection terminal would take up valuable real estate.

But I like the idea of either having the contacts on the ear bud double as hard wired connections, or turning the charging case into a transmitter. Both are excellent ideas to take the ear bud design to the “next level”.

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