Bob Seger: 10 Statistics that Might Surprise You

" Bob Seger has a career that many artists only dream of, from selling millions of records to being inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame.

While Seger bid touring farewell in 2019, legions of fans still adore this “Beautiful Loser” and always will. In honor of his birthday today (May 6), we take a brief look at 10 interesting Bob Seger statistics that might surprise you."

Being from Detroit, I was a big Seger fan. I saw him at lest 5 times live (probably a few more tbh). A few of these numbers surprised me!


Thanks for this. I was aware of the name, but didn’t know much about the man or his music.

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I am not as great a Bob fan but thanks for the share. I do hate it is farewell tour.

A lot of good musicians are having these farewell tours here lately and I am starting to feel old. :rofl:

I will feel real old once musicians MY will start to their farewell tours. :wink:

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Here’s some of his best, but if you were looking for 1 compilation, I would suggest: Bob Seger Ultimate Hits :clap:

Thanks for sharing this.

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