Bogus/Scamming 3rd party seller of Soundcore on Walmart

As I was searching for something at Walmart, I decided to then do a search for Anker/Soundcore and found the following (see below). I know Walmart is trying to compete with Amazon but I do not like and trust their search engine anymore. I find that you seem to get 3rd rate/3rd party sellers who are trying to scam users. I hope most people are not scammed and do their proper searches. As you can see Walmart 3rd party seller is selling the Spirit pro for 144 and Anker on Amazon is selling it for 33 (almost 5x more). Spirit X 120 vs 36 or almost 3.5 x what Anker on Amazon is selling it.

I think Walmart search engine should only be selling those from only Anker site. What are your thoughts?

Hmmm. Thanks for raising this. Will pass through.

I have seen that on a couple of sites as well. Something that should be going for $40 is selling for $100+ and I have never been able to put my finger on as to why.

Could be exchange rates.

I’ve noticed this as well. I hoped no one would be crazy enough to buy them with out a little research first.

I don’t really like third party vendor sales on Amazon or Walmart. It’s fine if the actual manufacturer is selling their own stuff as a third party, or if Amazon is doing the sale, but when multiple sellers are selling the same product that they don’t make, there is a lot of room for fraud or bad product, and it messes up the entire supply chain (at least for Amazon). Since you may get a widget provided by a different seller than you ordered if it has the same code. Some vendors have removed their stuff from Amazon for this reason.

I think one problem is that the Anker site doesn’t always sell every product.