Brand New User!

Just picked up Rave mini. Looking for any and all suggestions on tweaking sound and features


Hi @furlow8
Welcome to community.
I don’t have Rave Mini but I am sure it’s supported by Soundcore APP. You should use it for tweaking.

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Welcome to the community as well. I also do not have it. I think as far as sound, I think what is best for your ears but figure a few will hopefully comment on their preferences

After you have it and played it some, you should do a review on it with some pics

Always good to hear new reviews of products

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By using a 10 band eq you will find out the adjustments fitting for you.
Play around with.

Oddly I cannot find the rave mini anymore on the major markets sites for amazon or Soundcore…

If it has partycast or even tws pairing, a second one would be a good suggestion, in my mind, as to enjoy your music.

Also, if ts on the app, you can test out the eq settings. For me, with my flare twos, I usually use either the Flat or Accoustic eq.

Hope you enjoy, and as other mentioned Welcome to the community!