+++Breaking News+++ Q40 ready to release

A friend in China told me that the Soundcore Q40 is ready to release. It won’t have any aptX codec. It will have LDAC as High Resolution wireless codec similar to the Q35. It seems that aptX is dead, even Sony doesn’t support aptX anymore. Build quality is much more better than the Q30/35 line. The Q40 will have a completely new design similar to the Sony WH1000XM5. BUT: My friend in China told me that ANC will be poor again.

This thread will probably be closed as it violates forum rules. @Duane_Lester

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Reminder what you last wrote

By all means speculate but please state you are.

This is me speculating.

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The release is just known by soundcore alone and anything else is just rumors or best guess. It was a month ago that you had wrote any rumors to now it is a coming. I would rather leave it to when it is released than making unconfirmed guesses

As stated with 18 months removed, it is probably likely it would be soon as you want to get it out before the holiday sales.