Broke left earbud

Do you guys sale individual ear buds my left ear bud got crushed at work if fell off my pocket and a lift ran over it in I would love to buy an individual ear bud is the model Life Dot 3i can you please help me out I really love my ear buds I just bought it like 2 months ago… please help me out thank you is your best bet to see about it.

Depending on whom you talk to there seem to be a few that state you can pair different earbuds together and other whom stated that it will not work. (although they were different buds that they were mentioning).

Most likely you will need both and unsure if they will sell though although, they do sell several cases now.

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I’d try what @Duane_Lester suggested, but I fear you will need to get a new pair. Good Luck!

Although I try to wear a pair at work, I end up wearing only most times due to coworkers asking questions…Still functional

wow that sucks that it got run over by a lift, I agree with the guys many people say you cant pair , but you can always try, I think being able to pair would be something worth adding to the many wish lists that are put together although the professor did give an explanation on a thread somewhere as to why it woud not be possible I think.