{broke link} πŸ‡¨πŸ‡¦ Liberty Air 2 Pros - $109.99 - Costco limited time deal (nov 28)

Best before nov 28, costco has the white colorway of the liberty air 2 pros available for $109.99

Quite the deal, ~ $30 discounted from what I can recall to be their usual price at Costco.



Nice deal for you guys up in Canada. Thanks for the share. :+1:

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Excelent deal. Thanks for share

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Nice deal…

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Unfortunately, Costco seem to have an Issue. The link return a Product Not found.

However, looking at the price, it’s for Liberty Air 2., not the Pro.

Is it a Costco product error or the item is no more available? I don’t know.

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That’s not a usual occurrence from Costco. They did have these on, but thought odd it was. 2 week deal.

The liberty air 2s holding @ $109.99 so it’s not them…

I’ll edit the title, and sorry for the link being broke.